About us

We have more than 20 years experience working with businesses large and small, membership organisations and Government.

We make change happen

We bring a mix of big-picture, strategic thinking along with business savvy, tech savvy and brand savvy, applied intelligently to the challenges our clients face. It’s often our exposure to one industry that provides answers for another. Put simply we’ve seen what works well and what is best avoided.

We work with Boards and senior managementto contribute our accumulated experience of similar situations and business issues.  We bring to the table a set of technical skills, experience and a way of thinking that is often not practical for our clients to have in-house, particularly in the small to medium sized companies who make up most of our client base.

We have helped clients through complicated internal transformations involving substantial re-working of staff roles and skills mix, establishing new, more efficient internal systems and installing IT systems that enable them to do more improving productivity.

Areas and industries we cover

Our work has been varied and, as well as our strategic activities, includes IT implementations, brand development, advertising, direct marketing, campaign creation, media buying, digital marketing, web development, collateral design.

We have worked with government, associations and businesses in finance, construction, education, food and farming, media, healthcare, dentistry, pharmacy, the water industry, accountancy and the legal industry.

Why companies work with us

Our clients tell us they like the fact that we get under the surface of their companies, markets and industries to uncover the root causes of their business issues. They like that we’re down to earth, pragmatic and we’re not afraid to tell them what they need to hear.

We also ‘plug’ skills gaps within our clients. It’s common that a company will have a staff structure geared towards delivering their current business model successfully, but one that is less equipped to challenge the status quo and make necessary changes.

Maintaining momentum during a period of transformation can also be difficult for staff who have been co-opted from their ‘day job’ to work on making the changes. We’ve seen many instances where projects have stalled and reforms have not gone far enough for this reason. It means that companies don’t get the value out of change that they should expect.

Ooda provides that set of skills required to understand, design and drive business transformations with a structured, logical process. We collaborate closely with management and staff as well as being able to take on those large blocks of work that aren’t practical to give to in-house staff members.

Budgets rule. We work with big ones and small ones; but perhaps most importantly, our involvement has saved many of our clients from over spending or committing valuable budget to the wrong activities.