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Services designed for membership marketing

Our services are the result of 30 years experience working with
member organisations across more than 15 industries

Research and Analysis

Shining a light on your membership

Our research and analysis shines a spotlight on an association’s market and membership. It uncovers insights that make strategic decision-making and budgeting a whole lot easier. It also makes any future brand, marketing and technology investment much more accountable.

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Brand Development

Your brand is your most valuable asset

We can take you through the necessary steps to ‘architect’ your brand correctly. Once a strong, logical and cohesive brand is in place, we use that as the platform to launch targeted marketing and communications programs.

These programs will be more effective and profitable with a strong brand underpinning them.

Digital Strategy

Optimising your mousetrap

Our clients use us to scope, plan, design and implement new websites, CRM systems and marketing platforms that are tailored to their size and budget.

We can set you up with tools and digital engagement programs that will change how you connect with your members and the wider industry.

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Recruitment Marketing

Find > Engage > Recruit > Delight

We bring strategy, tools and tactics to the business of promoting membership. Building on research and insights to reduce the risk of failure, we create marketing programs that connect with prospects and make them want to get involved.

Whatever your in-house resources we provide association-specific marketing to help grow your business.

Engagement Marketing

Building active communities

Successful engagement marketing doesn’t happen by accident. Like every other marketing discipline, it needs careful planning, organisation and delivery. We can help you establish and run a member engagement program that will convert disinterested passengers into committed advocates of your association.

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Influence Building

To attract followers you need to lead

We’ve worked with clients to build public awareness and lobby Government. We’ve developed carefully weighted messaging for campaigns on sensitive industry issues. We’ve also formulated strategies and marketing plans to position our clients in new segments of their markets.

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