Engagement Marketing

Building active communities

Alongside recruitment marketing and influence building, member engagement is the third key area of marketing activity for associations.

‘Engagement’ describes everything you do with your members once they’ve signed-up. It’s what keeps them interested, draws them back year on year and prompts them to recommend you to others.

Many associations fall into the rut of churning out the same services and events year on year and then rely on broadcast style marketing to tell members about them.

True engagement isn’t just about selling products and services to members (that’s a by-product). It’s about understanding, connecting and collaborating to generate more ideas, drive agendas and create change.

Research shows that the more actively your members participate, the more loyal and valuable they are to the association, the longer they stay and the more new members will be attracted as a result.

Successful engagement marketing doesn’t happen by accident. Like every other marketing discipline, it needs careful planning, organisation and delivery. We can help you plan, establish and run a member engagement program that will convert disinterested passengers into committed advocates of your association.

We provide:

  • Research and segmentation of member groups
  • Strategic planning
  • Engagement program development
  • Messaging and tone of voice
  • Campaign creation and implementation
  • Copywriting

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