Recruitment Marketing

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Whether you’re recruiting new members or attracting subscribers you’re going to need a well-executed marketing strategy that’s built on insights about the people you are targeting.

A successful recruitment strategy requires a detailed understanding of the people you are trying to attract.  More specifically what problems you can solve for them.

We bring strategy, structure, tools and tactics to the business of promoting membership. Building on research and insights to reduce the risk of failure, we create marketing programs that connect with prospects and make them want to get involved.

For organisations that have limited or no marketing expertise on staff we can take the process from research, strategy and planning right through to implementation and on-going management of marketing programs.

For organisations that have the ‘upstream’ strategy and planning covered, we can be used more tactically to develop the messaging and creative execution for specific targeted campaigns and programs.

Whatever your in-house resources we provide association-specific marketing to help grow your business.

We provide:

  • Market structure analysis
  • Audience research and profiling
  • Strategy development
  • Developing messaging and tone of voice
  • Campaign creation and implementation
  • Development of inbound marketing platforms

Enough about us,  lets talk about you

We're good listeners and we'd be happy to discuss your member marketing issues.