Research & Analysis

Shining a light on your membership

Our research and analysis drives clearer thinking and better strategic decisions.

Most associations at some point struggle to achieve further growth and start to lose touch with what members are looking for. Comments such as “what am I getting for my subscription fee?” begin appearing on surveys and the average age of the membership starts to rise.

Left untreated, this situation will only get worse as member numbers and revenue begins to decline.

The insights we generate from our research and analysis are often not what our clients are expecting, but always provide a clear, business-focused perspective on their market and their membership.

Perhaps more importantly, these insights have saved many of our clients from committing valuable marketing budget to the wrong activities.

Armed with the right information and insights we help our clients become better understood, better engaged with their audiences and more influential in their industries.

Whether we’re working on recruitment programs, lobbying activity, fund raising campaigns, product launches or influence building activities, an evidence-based approach to marketing is embedded in everything we do.

We provide:

  • Market structure analysis
  • Income stream analysis
  • Market potential modeling
  • Audience/stakeholder mapping
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Member surveys
  • Brand analysis
  • Digital health-check – capabilities, functionality, gaps
  • Website analysis

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