Brand & Marketing

Everything you do and everything you say, plus what other people say about you, creates your brand.

Managing your most valuable asset

Your brand is the most valuable asset your organisation owns and it’s what people will judge you on before you’ve even had a chance to talk to them.

People often form their opinions of your brand in a fragmented way. They may have read about you in the media, spoken to a colleague, seen an advert or visited your website. They may have called your switchboard and experienced below-par customer service or been inspired by a speaker at an event.

Everything you do and everything you say, plus what other people say about you, creates your brand. Regardless of how someone’s perceptions of you have been formed, they can be very difficult to change.

If your brand has become out of touch, out of date or is being negatively viewed, this needs to be addressed before any marketing activity can take place.

A brand update is much more than a ‘fresh coat of paint’. It’s an opportunity to get inside the heads of the people you’re trying to talk to and find out what exactly they want from you. It’s then up to you (and us) to deliver that through better-targeted products and services and a clearer more focused brand.

We can take you through the necessary steps to ‘architect’ your brand correctly. Once a strong, logical and cohesive brand is in place, we use that as the platform to launch targeted marketing and communications programs. These programs will be more effective and cheaper to run because there is a strong brand underpinning them.


A successful marketing strategy requires a detailed understanding of the people you are trying to attract.  More specifically what problems you can solve for them.

We bring strategy, structure, tools and tactics to the business of promoting organisations. Building on research and insights to reduce the risk of failure, we create marketing programs that connect with prospects and make them want to get involved.

For organisations that have limited or no marketing expertise on staff we can take the process from research, strategy and planning right through to implementation and on-going management of marketing programs.

For organisations that have the ‘upstream’ strategy and planning covered, we can be used more tactically to develop the messaging and creative execution for specific targeted campaigns and programs.

Whatever your in-house resources we provide specific marketing to help grow your business.

We provide:
  • Market and audience analysis
  • Brand development
  • Marketing planning
  • Campaign development
  • Copywriting & content creation