Strategy and Planning

We challenge businesses and help them to identify and quantify what’s holding them back or causing a problem.

No generic solutions

We work systematically and logically with businesses to clarify problems, identify the causes then develop the strategy and the practical action plans to fix them. But, we also approach projects with a more lateral viewpoint, which uncovers unexpected but highly useful insights.

We challenge businesses to ask ‘why do we do it this way?’ and help them to identify and quantify what’s holding them back or causing a problem. The solutions we devise are supported by a solid, evidence-based business case, which management and boards can back with confidence.

Our work drives clearer thinking and better strategic decisions.

Bigger picture, better solutions

At this level, we often find that we are working across multiple, interconnected areas of a business. For example, in order to scope a new IT system we need to understand a company’s administrative, financial, marketing and operational processes. It touches the whole business.

Rather than occupying a silo, we are free to take a big-picture approach. Often this reveals the need for more substantial transformations in order to establish new, more connected and efficient internal systems that enable companies to boost productivity and revenue.

Armed with the right information and insights we help our clients to position and promote themselves more effectively in their markets, engage more with their audiences and become more influential in their industries.

We provide:
  • Market structure analysis
  • Income stream analysis
  • Market potential modelling
  • Audience/stakeholder mapping
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Member and customer surveys
  • Brand analysis
  • Digital health-check – capabilities, functionality, gaps
  • Website analysis