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British Meat

Developing an origin brand and website for one of the UK's best loved foods.

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We devised the overarching strategy behind the new British Meat origin brand. The site seeks to present a balanced and scientific view of the pros and cons of British meat and livestock to an audience of influencers and policy makers who are responsible for advising UK consumers on their dietary choices.

British Meat home page
British meat logo options

We designed and built the British Meat brand which included planning the information architecture and taxonomy for the website, as well as writing all the online content along with other supporting marketing, PR and campaign collateral.

British Meat content page

The site also provides a platform from which to promote British meat not just here in the domestic market, but to new trading partners around the world as the UK seeks to establish new export markets.

mobile version of site
mobile version of site
mobile version of site

If you don’t give the market the story to talk about, they’ll define your brand’s story for you.