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Branding a conference that set out to challenge misconceptions about British farming.

Audience member at conference asking a question

Rethink started out as an idea from two meat industry leaders to bring together climate, nutrition and livestock specialists to present a more rounded picture of the pros and cons involved in replacing two main food groups (meat and dairy) with plant-based alternatives.

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Rethink logo outline

Our work on Rethink included the branded environmental design and graphics at the venue. We also designed and built the website and other marketing collateral which included researching and writing all the content.

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We expanded on that initial idea to shape the look, the name, the messaging and the format of the event, and drive who and how we engaged with for the marketing. We targeted via direct mail, social media and an email campaign a select audience of journalists, influencers and Government policy makers who are involved in guiding the public on their food choices.

Rethink conference program

We were responsible for the end-to-end planning, organising, format, branding and marketing of the Rethink event in central London.

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